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The Original Summer Box

$89.99 $110

Is your taste more elegant, but needing to keep some vibrant color and charm? Our “Original Box” may be for you.

This box features everything you need for a killer BBQ, and a night in with good friends. After enjoying your home-cooked meal using our delicious Salt Sisters herb blend seasoning, save your meal with our Bees Wrap natural food saver. Not only is this wrap environmentally friendly, but it also has antibacterial properties that keep your food fresher for longer.

After having a relaxing evening with friends, don't let your wine go to waste. Save your leftover wine with our Charles Viancin silicone bottle stopper, it will taste just as good the next time you open it. From stylish wine glasses - to tasty seasoning, don’t miss your chance to change the way you enjoy your summer meals. 

  • BBQ Cleaning Tool- If you are still using wire brushes, you are way behind the times! The BBQ cleaning tool won’t scratch your grates, is easy to clean and safe to use, long-lasting, AND it shapes itself to your grill. Not to mention, the long handle makes it much safer to use over a lot of wire brushes. You won’t be disappointed! 
  • Bottle Stopper- You know what they say - a wine a day, keeps the doctor away… or something like that! With this bottle stopper, you can enjoy your favorite merlot, without overdoing it. They are 100% silicone, and designed to bring a smile to your face! 
  • Bees Wrap- Are you environmentally conscious, but still using plastic wrap to save food? Kick your bad habit with the Bees Wrap! Bees Wrap is washable, reusable, and biodegradable. It has antibacterial properties that even help keep your food fresher for longer! 
  • Herb Blend Seasoning - Smokey, sweet, and spicy? This blend is a Jack-of-All-Trades when it comes to taking your BBQ game up a level! Use it as a dry rub, marination, or add some ketchup to make a BBQ sauce that everyone will enjoy! 
  • Pearl Rainbow Wine Glasses - Classy, with a touch of style? Never heard of it - until now! These pearl rainbow wine glasses reflect in the sun, making them perfect for pool parties, BBQs, or even a trip to the beach. They are shatterproof, so they make the perfect travel companion.  
  • Chopula - The Chopula is the best invention since sliced bread! Okay, maybe not, but if you love cooking, not only is this nifty utensil good for flipping pancakes or making grilled cheese, you can also chop veggies or cooked meat. Make cooking a breeze with the Chopula!
  • Scrubby - Your life would be so much better with a Scrubby! Cleaning dishes will become a problem of the past. No scratches, no odors, and dishwasher safe; that sounds good to you, right? Not only does this Korean style scrubby make cleaning dishes a breeze, it can also clean your veggies, too! When you’re done, you can also throw them in the wash! Scrubbies are also washing machine safe to use! It really is the perfect sponge for cleaning up your kitchen.
  • Ice Tray -  This ice tray blows your grandma’s ice tray out of the water! No more flimsy plastic; these trays are made from silicone, and they are made to last. The best part? They are dishwasher safe AND BPA Free. Say goodbye to ice with specks of dirt, or stubborn pieces that won’t budge. This ice tray is made to produce beautiful large square cubes of ice that won’t split or crack. 

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