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The Family Summer Box

$89.99 $110

The family box will be your new best friend if you have little ones at home. We have specially curated this box with youngsters in mind.

With mess-free freezer pops, cute cookie cutters, and a miniature gardening grow kit, this box helps show your kid(s) how much fun cooking can be. The “Family Box” has the makings of a carefree learning experience. If you are looking for fun, family-inspired kitchen gadgets, consider checking this box out. Our “Family Box” option truly has something for everyone in it!

Cookie Cutters - Not just for cookies, these summer shapes let your creativity shine. Whether you need sweet treats for a family BBQ, or you want to be the talk of the pool party with your crafty cookies, these cookie cutters will make your recipes shine! 

Paring Knives - These knives make slicing and dicing a breeze! With their precision blades and easy maintenance, you’ll love preparing your favorite veggies at home - or carving up your favorite meat on a camping trip! These knives are made of Japanese stainless steel, which means that they last longer than regular knives, and are even able to be sharpened! Their sheaths make them a family favorite for storage, picnics, and camping! 

Freezer Pops - These sweet treat makers take just seven minutes to produce delicious, cool-down popsicles! These freezer pop gadgets make about 2 ounces of your favorite frozen flavor! The cast aluminum makes it easy to pull apart your popsicle, as well as keep the device clean. With the freezer pops base, there is no electricity or assembly required. Just throw it in the freezer, and bring it out when you are ready for a delicious, frozen refreshment! 

Grow Kit - Do you have aspirations of a full-sized garden, but you know it’s just not realistic right now? Try an Alpine Strawberry grow kit! These kits will produce berries twice the size of natural plants after the first two years! If you live in an apartment, don’t have the yard space, or make your home on a college campus, you’ll want to try our grow kit! 

Glass Water Bottle - This glass water bottle gives you the cleanest, purest taste of water you could ever want! While most glass products are breakable, these are made with shock-resistant material, as well as silicone. The spill-proof lid keeps the freshness in, making it a great travel water bottle! 

Scrubby - Your life would be so much better with a Scrubby! Cleaning dishes will become a problem of the past. No scratches, no odors, and dishwasher safe; that sounds good to you, right? Not only does a scrubby make cleaning dishes a breeze, it can also clean your veggies, too! When you’re done, you can also throw them in the wash! Scrubbies are also washing machine safe to use! It really is the perfect sponge for cleaning up your kitchen. 

Gem Stem - Do you love strawberries, but don’t know how to core them without wasting part of it? The Gem Stem is our perfect solution. It’s safer and faster than using a regular knife and even works on other fruit and vegetables.


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